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Advanced Google Ads Audit For Local Business

I have run a marketing website analysis which tells us that for our domain we have no presence over Google Search Platform. 


Which opens up doors for varieties of Google Advertising Practices to boost our user base towards winning qualified Bookings. 

So on top of all marketing efforts I would suggest you to please have initial SEO Friendly Fixes on our website. 


On moving ahead as per our targeted Goal which is
1) Get customer fill the Booking / Contact Us Form &
2) Get customers make a Call to business for Booking Consultations
3) Get customers to fill Lead form for Download eBook

The top most suggested GoogleAdvertising ad campaign are
1) Google Search Ads. 


2) Display Banner Ads

Google Search Ads


Where we can set up our ads based on a specific list of keywords targeting.

Where we have more potential to get relevant queries and customer approaches. 


You can have a look at below examples related to our targeted services.


Which is a most granular way to hit the market and get valuable Leads.

With this ad campaign type my approach would be to Create multiple Keywords theme based AdsGroups on Popular targeted services segments. 

Phase 1:  My initial approach would be to get started with this Search Ad campaign with $15 per day ad spend and test this ad campaign for next 15 Days to analyse the valuable data.

Phase 2: On further steps I will analyse the collected data to find out which specific area we can improve to boost our AdRank / and position on Google Search.
Along with that we can get the idea about our top competitors with whom we are competing in Paid search advertising against the same keywords.

In the 2nd phase, I’m able to have more refinement on our targeted ad campaigns and keep them improvised to reach out more potential customers. 


Google Display Ads


Phase 1: With this ad campaign my approach would be to get started with this ad campaign with $5 per day spend and test varieties of Creative Ad Banners towards our targeted audiences.
It helps in getting relevant ad traffic and adds value to our BRAND awareness too. Along with that it also expand our Targeted audience set that will help in our Phase 2 targeting

Would test this ad campaign for at least 30 days and will work with changing the audience target in our Phase 2 which will run after a month. 

Phase 2: With this display ad targeting my approach would be to implement our Retargeting audiences.

This is one another powerful strategy that helps in winning more potential customer at low cost.  



Only 2% of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store. The goal of retargeting is to bring back the other 98%.