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STOP Making These 8 Mistakes in Your 2024 Google Ads Optimisation

After auditing and managing $1M+ budget ad accounts, we have got to know that there are some points, where most of the advertisers lack in utilizing the data to showcase their best efforts. 

Let’s have a look at the 8 common mistakes that we must stop in the growing years of Google PPC Advertising.

1.) Rely on pMax

2.) Not doing the Segmentation 

3.) Utilising the Wrong Conversion action 

4.) When to start & stop testing 

5.) Not following the Optimisation Roadmap 

6.) Rely fully on Google Conversion Attribution

7.) Running Wrong Location Targeting

8.) Not Auditing your efforts Regularly

1.) Rely on pMax

As for this campaign type functionality and delivery, we rely on this Performance max ad campaign mostly. 

Its built-in remarketing feature makes it valuable – but still, we must take full control to leverage dedicated ad campaigns for Search, Display, & Retargeting. 

That way we can utilize the best budget allocation & segmentation strategy that adds valuable results in overall Google Ads Account success.

2.) Not Performing the Segmentation

Many advertisers still load all their efforts into a single ad campaign type. That limits their results due to a low budget allocation strategy. 

It’s best to weather you are going with a Performance max campaign type or Search or Shopping ads, it is best practice to run single theme-based targeting in a single campaign. 

Simultaneously, somehow we also mixed our Non-branded and branded terms targeting in a single campaign type. 

We keep running brand terms in our pMax campaigns

We keep running brand terms in our non-branded Search campaigns

We keep running brand terms in our non-branded DSA campaigns

These mistakes keep us from showcasing the full potential and marketing efforts for Non-Branded & branded ad campaigns. It is best to utilize this strategy with a specific Branded or Non-branded campaign building. That will help in a long-term results strategy for their marketed business.

3.) Utilising the Wrong Conversion action

On auditing most of the ad accounts we have found that the advertisers optimizing their campaigns on wrong and double conversion actions. 

We must know our Google Ads campaign Goals and KPIs to achieve throughout the optimization process. With the wrong tracking, we may burn out money on the wrong data and that may lead to a big mess. 

Always make sure to precisely set the Google Conversion pixel tracking to track the right data whether it’s for sales or lead gen advertising must ensure crystal clear tracking efforts.

4.) When to Start & Stop Testing Approach

In auditing the account have found that advertisers have run multiple tests but many of them did not follow any format or roadmap toward When and Why to Change or Stop our test based on the data recorded. 

We need to act or make a plan before implementing any test with a time frame so that we can make sure of what budget or time slot we should run that keeps the test.

5.) Not Following the Optimisation Roadmap

Many of us keep making this mistake, where we have no track of whether have over-optimized the campaign or optimised the campaign towards its success. 

It is best practice to keep track of every aspect of when and where to implement the changes. That way it helps us record those strategies that we can implement in further campaign success too.

6.) Rely fully on Google Conversion Attribution

In today’s era, we still rely on Google Conversions – where we know that we are still missing the chaos of having every single contribution toward sales from our efforts. 

So here comes the Third-party conversion tracking attribution model – that helps in get the most out of your efforts and make further profitable decisions based on the true sales data.

Example: TripleWhale, Hyros, etc.

7.) Running Wrong Location Targeting

This has been seen in most of the Google Ads account Auditing – where have chosen the wrong location targeting setting. That leads to wasting a lot of budget as opposed to our targeted locations. 

We must be more secure for the location targeting setting so that we can reach out to more potential yet in our location customers.

8.) Not Auditing your efforts Regularly

Here where we missed a great opportunity to find out the small insights to get more value from our account optimization process. Sometimes we keep going with the obvious optimization actions due to which we missed some deep yet small efforts that will contribute to making a profitable Google Ads account success. 


So here it’s best to keep auditing your accounts from your own or better to have your fellows AUDIT your account to have a deep insight into what we have missed or ideas that we may missed. 


Every business has a different ad campaign approach and has found these common mistakes (while there might be others too). We can work on and save much waste budget that we can allocate towards profitable result-driven PPC strategies


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