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Why do you recruit Digi Hawks Marketing?

We're a performance-driven, full-service agency specializing in more than just sales and branding: we're also fluent in the language of the internet. That means we make pictures that make people stop scrolling, words that make people think (hi), and marketing campaigns that keep our other skills from getting lost in the digital void.

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Our Services

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Why Choose Us

A common set of principles inspires us.
As an affordable Google ads agency, our primary focus is on our partner. We build partnerships that lead to major and minor changes in our partners.
We create a work atmosphere that promotes personal and professional growth
We are proud of our company and our workers. To meet our partners' needs, we collaborate and draw on each other's expertise and experience
Every project requires us to reach for the stars and place our hearts and souls on the line. We question the status quo and seek out new opportunities for our business and our partners to expand
We create a friendly atmosphere where everyone is respected and given a fair chance

We Design Your Dreams With Our Experience

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Our Process Involved In Delivering Best Quality Google Adword

We use the quality procees to ensure the delevery of services to our clients
including good planing, designing and testing.

Some High Praise Goes A Long Way

What separates us

We're a long-term growth partner.

We are the best marketing agency, does more than sales and branding. We, therefore, create images that stop scrolling, words that lead people to think, and marketing campaigns that prevent our other talents from being lost in the digital abyss.

Were known for removing the stress of running a company.

Entrepreneurs breed entrepreneurs, as the saying goes. Our two owners have invested in IPO firms, raised significant funds, and launched several seven-figure brands such as Montem Adventure Gear and Serenlite Stress Balls. Their teams have the business know-how to link you with the right people and keep you in the loop. But you won't be afraid to pick up the phone and discuss ideas. And you'll find yourself reaching for the stress ball just for fun.

In the service of growth, be creative.

It's possible to be creative just for the sake of being creative. However, we've come to make money for you. As a result, we perform high-volume innovative testing to ensure that your advertisements effectively attract attention, pique curiosity, arouse desire, and convert sales. Then we use a multidimensional approach to consistently refine your consumer acquisition tactics, which could include email marketing, Snapchat advertising, a landing page redesign, or whatever it takes to make your creative work it’s hardest for you.

With knowledge and interest, you can control the internet.

At Digi Hawks Marketing, we use Google Ads and Facebook Ads in a consistent, performance-driven manner. But we've had enough experience to realize that the only constant is transition. We won't stop exploring options until your marketing dollars are putting in the most effort. So you can focus on increasing your company while we work behind the scenes to help you master algorithms.

Bright concepts that illuminate the big picture.

Our Google Ads Agency in India looks beyond sales and branding as a full-service organization to help you imagine the future. Since we get to know you and your priorities, our plan works. Then we commit to helping you reach your long-term market objectives. To put it another way, we're like a blimp-sized bulb that's always there for you, lighting the way when it comes to the big picture.

With funnel vision, you can advertise.

You'll need advertisements that are explicitly designed to raise awareness, inspire more testing, convert window shoppers, and remind your customers that you still have a lot to give. These advertisements will sometimes overlap. They don't always work. One thing is certain: at Digi Hawks Marketing, we understand that consumer loyalty is the most important part of the marketing funnel. As a result, we'll always make the most of your money.

Google AdWords Management

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, also known as AdWords or Google Ads, is a powerful way to expand your company and overall online presence. It can be challenging to navigate the world of PPC: which keywords should be targeted? When and where does your advertisement appear? To ensure that you get the most out of your ad budget, you'll need the right marketing experts on your side.

Google ad agencies are organizations of marketing professionals who live, breathe, and talk PPC and the nuances of Google Ads and their subsequent ad networks. Some experts at our ppc ads agency have earned a Google Ads certification to demonstrate their expertise and commitment.

Working with a Google Ads agency gives you the peace of mind that professionals manage your marketing budget, so there's no guesswork on whether your PPC campaigns are being run effectively.
Google Ads links billions of potential consumers to goods and services by clickable text ads at the top of search engine results pages and product lists in Google Shopping. Although the system works in an auction-style fashion, the highest bidder isn't always the winner since performance is determined by how well the ad copy suits the user's purpose and how quickly and easily they can locate you. Rather than bidding on the number of times your ad is seen or the volume with which it is shown, you bid on a particular keyword and only pay when someone clicks on it. The cost of your ads is determined by how much Google values the keyword. The lower the importance of the keyword, the more niche it is. Keywords with a lot of competition for the top spot would be more expensive.

Search ads are focused on intent, while social ads are based on interests, which essentially distinguishes Google ads from other PPC forms like Facebook ads. The two kinds can be used in different ways efficiently, but many business owners pursue PPC for the first time, often interchangeably with the same PPC approach.
There are several different ways of digital marketing now when it comes to determining how to market your enterprise and expand your online presence: content, social communication, email marketing, and a wide variety of free, affordable tools and robust, highly technical solutions such as Salesforce and HubSpot have been developed.

There are various kinds of PPC ads, including social, mobile, and third-party display ads available on a Facebook advertising agency and an Instagram marketing agency. But Google Ads aims to distinguish them all.

They are primarily content and search advertising when you hear "SEO and SEM," respectively. Content is a long game where rankings will take a while. Google ads are precious to your company because you begin the campaign immediately after you start. Your ad will immediately be shown at the top of the list. Above all, it is intended when users are searching for something: someone in downtown Seattle looking at a pizza shop will try to click on your ad for the nearest pizza shop. SEM means: using the search power to market people who want to because it is unbelievably powerful to use purpose.

Since billions of Google searches are conducted every day, your ad will give your company more visibility than just getting a social media presence and uploading content. Since Google is the de facto go-to search engine, a well-designed Google Ads campaign will prove to be a fortuitous investment in driving traffic to your site.
Since Google owns 71% of the search engine market, your ads can appear not only on Google's search results sites but also on their networks. AdSense is one of the most common ad networks for third-party websites, and it uses visitors' search histories to target ads. This ensures that your advertising can be seen by additional relevant viewers who aren't using search engines.
While some marketing strategies include short-term Google Ads campaigns, maintaining a consistent Google presence is an ongoing task. Professional management of your Google Ads is a wise step because you need to concentrate on running your company and don't have time to devote to the granular details of handling your ad sets.

The design and maintenance of your Google Ads ad sets are part of Google Ads management. Not only the intent but also the dynamic distinguishes Google Ads from other forms of digital marketing. People want to see immediate results for what they're looking for, and the more relevant details and a closer match that leads them to your business, the better. When you use a Google Ads management service, you can be assured that Google Ads experts will write your copy based on what has performed in the past with similar businesses. Experimenting with various ad set styles, attributes, and extensions to see which one generates the most conversions is another critical but time-consuming aspect of your online presence that a management service can alleviate.

Another problem that sites owners face is figuring out how to position bids and which keywords to target, which a Google Ads management service will help with. Finding out whether a large fit for your desired search term can drive more clicks and conversions than targeting the exact phrase you have in mind will take some trial and error on your own: a competent Google Ads management service or Ecommerce marketing firm will conduct this research for you and change your ad sets accordingly.

Geotargeting is another important feature of Google Ads for location-based businesses and trying to reach specific target markets. If people in that region don't convert, you may need completely different ad sets for different markets, or you may want to make your ad inaccessible to them over time. Since every brand has different requirements for geo-targeting, Google Ads professional management will assist with this. You can also get landing pages and Google shopping campaigns with a successful Google AdWords agency.

Hiring a management service means your Google Ads campaigns are still running, so you don't have to manually check on them if you want to keep them running indefinitely or just display them at the times of day that your target market is most likely to have a purpose.


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